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Kipp J. Grier, Owner

Kipp J. Grier is a certified welder and owner of Crown Welding & Fabricating, LLC, a small business specializing in MIG, TIG, and stick welding with a specialization in several metal forms such as aluminum, stainless, and steel. While fabrication is his first love as a welder, his 25 years of experience has awarded him extensive knowledge in various repair services. Crown Welding & Fabrication, LLC, also operating under the trade name, The Welding King is equipped in both repair and fabrication services through the use of its mobile unit and/or at its shop location.

Raised in Columbus, OH, Kipp honed his skills as a welder through his love of motorcycles, and later owned and operated Cycle Performance Machine, a motorcycle fabrication and repair shop. In 2004, he further developed his trade into specialized welding with aluminum, as well as most other forms of metal, thus inspiring his signature phrase, “If it’s metal, we weld it!”

Kipp has since gained a reputation in Central Ohio as a highly skilled welder paying close attention to each detail while turning his services around quickly and efficiently. He has performed welding services for a variety of his clients on many items such as:

● Security gates, doors, and windows

● Welding aluminum truck beds

● Trailer welding repair

● Heavy Equipment (track hoes, loader, etc.)

● Aluminum wheels

● Snow Plow Repair

● Food and hospital equipment repair

● A/C covers

● Auto and motorcycle fabrication and repair